InMare the best choice for mooring, in all its aspects!

Filovent, the hiring boats specialist, interviews Valentina Felici, our marketing manager

People in recreational boating sector, for business or passion, are well aware of how important it is the care of their nautical investment. It's essential, therefore, to get informed to determinate the best boat equipment on the market and to be aware about all those services a modern marina should offer its boaters in terms of mooring and protection. Today on our blog we discuss this with Valentina Felici, INMARE marketing manager, a producer and distributor of marine fenders, boat fenders and mooring systems.

Good morning Valentina! What's the importance of an adequate and safe mooring?

Hi Sara! When summer comes, a large number of boaters moves to a sheltered and quiet place, where to drop anchor and enjoy a good bath of sea and sun. So, a good mooring is essential for the success of a cruise. This depends on many factors: the direction and type of wind, the presence of currents and their direction, the suitability of the berth, the mooring type (if there are fixed ropes with mooring posts or if you must use your own anchor). But equally fundamental for a good docking are efficient, appropriately sized, properly arranged and fastened fenders and valid mooring springs able to progressively absorb the bumps that the boat could be subject to, and to ensure comfort on board.

That's where INMARE comes in! Tell us the story of your company, where it operates and what it offers!

For more than thirteen years INMARE have created products dedicated to those who profoundly love and live for the sea. Paying close attention to boating requirements, working hard to anticipate and meet them, in 2003 the company manufactured its first dock fenders. Thanks to positive feedback, the company expanded its business activity. Within a few years the firm had developed rapidly, expanding the range of its products with the inclusion of boat fenders and boat mooring springs - all of which were manufactured by exclusive patent.
In 2010 INMARE shock absorbers called the boating world to attention. A well-known Norwegian jetty construction company has posted an online video that shows our M3 springs facing loading tests in the Atlantic Ocean. At the mercy of strong gusts of wind in the glacial North Sea, a cement jetty manages to remain anchored to the mainland thanks to special INMARE springs (manufactured to moor boats, and not to fix breakwater!). The result of the test was extraordinary, confirming the validity of company philosophy concerning investing money in Research and Development and to strictly keep the whole production chain in Italy.

Why choose your products and not those of an another company? What are your strengths?

All INMARE products are made from a single shot plastic injection mold: this process excludes the use of junctions and seams and does not allow weakness in the mold. Our marine and boat fenders are manufactured using a special compound of E.V.A. (Ethylene-vinyl acetate), which is non toxic and environmentally friendly. This customized mixture is resistant to UV radiation, it’s stain proof, does not scratch the hull and does not deteriorate in the marine environment, even when left for long periods in the water. Thanks to the high flexibility of this particular compound of E.V.A., INMARE fenders will remould to their original shape even after heavy compression. INMARE mooring shock absorbers are built using a patented UV stable thermoplastic compound with high elasticity and resistance. Unlike steel springs, which work in compression, the INMARE mooring springs work in extension, avoiding the traditional elastic rebound and progressively absorbing strain on the mooring line, without emitting annoying squeaks. The difference is also notable compared with soft rubber (EDPM): our shock absorbers are resistant to high temperatures, do not leave traces of color, do not scratch the hull and do not degrade in the marine environment. In addition, the accurate control of the quality allows us to offer the best warranty on the final product. INMARE accessories have been rigorously tested in cooperation with the Università Politecnica delle Marche and important pontoon producers to guarantee that every product meets our own stringent comfort and durability standards.

What's in the future of boating accessories?

Customization. Custom or customizable products make the consumer feel special, underlining the uniqueness of the relationship with the client. All INMARE products (for minimum lots) can be customized with logos and colours, becoming unique and exclusive accessories created around the buyer preferences. This service has boosted the attractiveness of the INMARE brand over the years: we have personalized fenders for various resorts and marinas of international importance, such as Marina St. Elena in Venice. The articles customization meets the market demand for personalized products while defending the company's mark-up against the rising competition of nautical items produced in low-labour cost countries. Maintaining long-term production in the local territory is a choice of social responsibility and quality control. The INMARE nautical supplies are excellences of the made in Italy creative and productive vocation, appreciated everywhere for the high quality of materials, functionality and innovative design. We are the proof that conceptual and geographical boundaries can be overtaken by good ideas: nowadays, the INMARE portfolio boasts successful partnership with the boating industry, marinas, international and local distributors and installations all around the world.

Any intresting case-history?

After the 2011 record-setting supply in the Pearl of Qatar, one of the most glamorous islands in the Middle East, a new “pearl” is added to the INMARE business portfolio. In 2015 the INMARE brand and RONAUTICA MARINAS signed a contract for the installation of fenders on Pearl Island, 40 nautical miles south of Panama City. Marina Pearl Island, a private marina part of a luxury development project (Península Resort – Zoniro developers) was designed to host 40+ ships from 40´up to 250 feet. To protect with charm its docks*, Pearl Island has chosen INMARE products (fender types: 144 pcs Big Fender + 234 pcs Doppio Zero), a first class choice, fully integrated with the island’s natural environment.

What is the key to your success?

Combining Italian design, protection, reliability, functionality and quality of materials to give a practical response to the needs of private boaters and marine industry operators. Now as then, the close collaboration with our customers is our key to success.

Thanks to Sara Quagliariello, Filovent marketing assistant, for the nice interview!