Winter Seas

The romance of sailing even in the cold months, in Italy and in the world.

Sea is often associated with Summer and the warm season. Endless days spent boating and watching the horizon. It's a pity that this should end with the arrival of winter. But maybe... It does not have to be like this. Boating is possible even in the coldest months, both in Italy and abroad. Of course, you have to equip your boat properly and to check with absolute constancy weather forecasts.

Where to go, then? As for Italy, every coastal area is suitable for sailing in Winter. It's better to prefer the southern regions, more hot and windy, suitable for yachting lovers, berthing in places well-known as temperate locations. In the west of Italy we can mention Sardinia region and Lazio; in the south of Italy, Sicily (Trapani and Palermo have great weather conditions almost all year long) and Salento are recommended. And then Calabria and Basilicata regions: the stretch of coast between Pisticci's Marina, on the Ionian Sea - with Crotone and Reggio Calabria - and the Tyrrhenian Sea it's perfect for boating. Moving up the Tyrrhenian coast we can find Vibo Valentia (and its winter offshore championship), Paola and Cetraro. In all this areas,winter navigation is very practiced. Impossible not to mention the Gulf of Naples, a sheltered area close to the wonderful Amalfi Coast. And boating not far from a big city does have its positives, including the possibility of finding nautical spare parts and comfortable ground services. Another interesting destination is the Gargano area, beautiful even in cold weather. Starting your journey from Varano lake, on the north coast, you will enjoy an unexpected landscape, with new and amazing colors. Boating between the mountains of the Gargano National Park and the Adriatic Sea is indeed a unique experience all year long. Continuing along the coast towards the south, after Foce Varano there's Rodi Garganico, an ancient village famous for its maritime legacy and its white houses. In short, even in winter, Italian seas will offer you an unique and unrepeatable journey destination.

But if you love adventure and have a cosmopolitan mind, here below are some places in the world that will make you want to sail today. The port of Bastia, in Corsica, amd its coastline are loved by all sailors for breathtaking views and mild temperatures. Another fascinating boating destination is Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the Balearic Islands, and if you love sailing to competitive levels, we recommended you the Mediterranean coasts of Spain and Greece. For the most adventurous, Greenlandis the landing-place for those who are not afraid of the freezing cold. Here you can sail to discover the majestic icebergs of Ilulissat (its bay is an UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Nuuk. And if you have the right boat, you can even go hunting for the northern lights sailing trought the fjords, surrounded by the deep green tundra frondages. Here the navigation is slow, especially if you decide to access the Inlandis large glacier (the polar cap). Certainly an experience for the most expert skippers only.

Are you getting cold feet? Don't worry: we have options also for lovers of sailing in bermudas. Speaking about Oman, the most prestigious and well-served marina it's Mussanah. Built to accommodate large events such as world sailing championships, it offers excellent port services. Perfect for long-term mooring and close to the Damaniyat Islands, UNESCO World Heritage Site. We continue with Thailand, ideal place both for canoeing and sailing enthusiasts. Boating to Krabi on the islands of Phuket and Phang-nga Bay is really exciting. Another important place in this selection is occupied by the Seychelles Islands. Boating is one of the best way to discover the coves and secret beaches of this beautiful archipelago. You can sail from Mahé and discover the north coast with the islet The Ilot and the Beau Vallon Bay, and then head to the island of Praslin. Last but not least, we can suggest you a trip to Belize, a small country in northern Central America, perfect to be discovered aboard a small sailboat. Uninhabited atolls, pristine palm-fringed beaches: a paradise of colors between the crystal clear waters is waiting for you.